SAOT Festival

Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su
16. June 2023
Start: 22:30
Einlass: 21:00
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SAOT Festival

SAOT – Interdisciplinary festival for solidarity with Palestine and intersectional struggles in Berlin.

01: Badiaa Buoharizi Badiaa Bouhrizi, also known by her stage name Neysatu, is a singer-songwriter and composer who represents the alternative music scene in Tunisia. Neysatu is a musical experience and a voice that neither wishes itself to be traditional nor polished folklore, nor an artificial fusion, but only an expression of authentic music.
She began her performing career at age seven as a soloist in a local choir, subsequently joining the Tahar Haddad choir, which performs classical styles of Arabic music such as muwashshahat and ma’luf. In 1998, in Tunis, she joins the rock band the “Black Angels” then “Kheprae”, a free improvisation band. Later she moved to Paris to study musicology at the University of Paris VIII and focus on making music. Eventually, she found her personal voice when she began composing in a minimalist style and, while getting closer to her roots, her voice came slowly free, revealing her origins in the Tunisian northwest, El Kef, with its strong Amazigh influences. Badiaa sculpts her new world of sound, under the name Neysatu.

02: DJ YA Z AN YA Z AN is a Palestinian DJ and Electrical Engineer currently based in Berlin. Since the young age of 10, YA Z AN has been mixing electronic music influenced by the music scene in his home town – Ramallah. Since moving to Berlin, he has been exposed to the techno scene there, musically and atmospherically. Not limiting himself to one genre of techno; he plays Minimal, Dub, industrial hard hitting and what he likes to call fluffy Techno.
YA Z AN has had debuts in Berlin, London, Amsterdam, Belgium, Palestine and Jordan that has given him the chance to shape his presence infront of a crowd. Playing for collectives like Union, Recordat, Buttons and Gegen. He has played in Amsterdam Dance Event and on radio shows like the Golden Hour, and Refuge Worldwide