Bill Laurance

Solo von „Snarky Puppy“

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26. Februar 2019
Beginn: 22:30
Einlass: 21:00
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Bill Laurance

„It’s a personal exploration. I’m discovering my own voice, my own sound all the time“, explains Bill Laurance. „I get a kick out of that journey.”

That journey has led Laurance, an English native currently living in London, across the globe and through a myriad of award-winning musical projects. A three times Grammy winning, world-renowned multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer, dubbed a “jazz maestro” by The Guardian. Laurance is also a member of the phenomenon that is Snarky Puppy.

2018 has seen Bill exploring his first love, the Piano, with the recording of a solo album entitled ‘Cables’ to be released in spring 2019. The album puts Bill’s focus on the piano and electronics in a further exploration of the meeting of Classical and Jazz.

Billboard – „Spellbinding, emotive jazz“

The Guardian – „Jazz Maestro“