Comedy Experience Berlin with Rachman Blake

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23. November 2023
Beginn: 18:00
Einlass: 17:30
Vorverkauf: ab 28,00€ (zzgl. Gebühr)
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Comedy Experience Berlin with Rachman Blake

Come to the brand new, hilarious comedy experience featuring crazy stories, funny songs, and general ridiculousness.

Featuring Rachman Blake from the hit world-touring comedy show Story Party | True Dating Stories. Hear hilarious misadventures in a funny, exciting, and bumping show. You’ll laugh till you cry, or at the very least, smile once or twice.

+ 10 Million YouTube views
+ 65 Countries
+ 100,000 Tickets Sold



Doors: 5:30pm
Start: 6pm


Doors: 8pm
Start: 8:30pm