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Frank Gambale All Star Band

Mo Di Mi Do Fr Sa So
22. März 2020
Beginn: 22:30
Einlass: 21:00

Frank Gambale All Star Band

„Dear Sirs,
I am deeply sad to report that this epic 7-week tour that I was to embark on with my All-Star group that I was very much looking forward to, has to be cancelled. It was a very tough decision to make. The blame falls squarely on the Coronavirus international outbreak and all the panic that is spreading around the world as a result of it. I’m really sorry this has happened. This is way out of my hands. I must also act responsibly for the well-being of all of my band and road crew as well as myself. I am so deeply saddened by these events that have clearly impacted the tour plans.
Frank Gambale“

Frank Gambale, guitar, vocals
George Whitty, keyboards
Hadrien Feraud, bass
Gergo Borlai, drums

“Frank Gambale is one of the best guitar players on the planet” — Chick Corea
I’d like to cut his hands off” — John McLaughlin
Frank Gambale is one of the best guitarists in the world today. His live performances are an unforgettable display of fire and finesse and unbridled energy on electric, acoustic and jazz hollow-body guitar. He has assembled his most dynamic and impressive bands in recent years with George Whitty (Brecker Brothers Reunion Tour) on keyboards, a powerful and brilliant soloist and keyboardist Hadrien Feraud, considered one of the hottest new “young” bassists to emerge in recent years who toured with Chick Corea’s “Vigil” group. His soloing skills are explosive. Gergo Borlai is also considered one the hottest new drummers with absolute command and jaw-dropping technique. All together, this group delivers funky, jazz, jazz-rock and everything in-between. The sheer power and energy of this band must be seen to be believed. Don’t miss this show.