House of Waters

Mo Di Mi Do Fr Sa So
02. März 2019
Beginn: 22:30
Einlass: 21:00
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House of Waters

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Max ZT, hammered dulcimer (Hackbrett)
Moto Fukushima, six-string bass
Ignacio Rivas-Bixio, percussion

Das Trio aus Brooklyn gehört mit seinem afrikanisch-indisch-südamerikanischen Indie-Rock-Jazz zu den angesagtesten Bands im jungen Jazz. Extrem spannend, was die drei auf die Bühne bringen. Schon allein die Besetzung ist unglaublich: Max am Hackbrett, Moto am sechssaitigen Bass und Ignacio an den Percussions. Die Musik von House of Waters ist beides, komplex und trotzdem leicht zugänglich. Kategorisieren können und wollen sie ihre Musik nicht. Vor allem möchten sie gute Musik machen. Und dabei gibt es für sie keine musikalischen Grenzen. „Das letzte D´Angelo Album oder Kendrick´s Butterfly… das war nicht nur Rap, oder Hip Hop, oder Jazz, oder Soul – es war alles. Es war amorph. So wie die Zukunft sein wird.“ Um zu verstehen, was sie wirklich transportieren sagen sie: „Kommt in unser Konzert – dann wisst ihr es.“ Dieser Aufforderung sollte man unbedingt folgen!

“In today’s world, there are no musical boundaries,” says Max ZT of House of Waters, a trio that makes those words come alive as they incorporate elements of West-African, jazz, psychedelic, indie rock, classical and world music into their astonishingly unique sound. Five years after their groundbreaking Revolution, House of Waters now returns with its eponymous follow-up. “Our music is a constant melting pot, which is so relevant to now,” says Max. “It’s like that last D’Angelo record or Kendrick’s Butterfly…you know, that wasn’t just rap, or hip-hop, or jazz, or soul, but it had all of that. It’s an amorphous thing. It’s how the future is going to be.” Moto agrees: “We always just say what we do is ‘good music.’  If I need to say something to someone who’s never heard of us, I just say, ‘Please come to our show!” House of Waters’ music is both complex and easy to enjoy, a musical exploration that invites listeners to open themselves to new sounds. One of those sounds is that of Max’s instrument, the hammered dulcimer, a percussion/stringed instrument that takes years of study and spans dozens of cultures around the globe. Most often associated with traditional American and Irish folk music, Max has taken the instrument in entirely new directions. The album House of Waters marks the band’s first record for GroundUP, the artist-friendly label started by Snarky Puppy’s Michael League. “There was a lot of mutual respect and interest there,” says Max. “I think we bring something unique to their roster.” He laughs. “Not a lot of dulcimer trios out there.” With musical and cultural influences that stretch from India and Senegal through Ireland and the heart of New York City, you have, as one critic noted, “The most original band on the planet.”