Jews!Jews!Jews! A Chanukkah Extravaganzukkah!

Mo Di Mi Do Fr Sa So
17. Dezember 2022
Beginn: 22:30
Einlass: 21:30
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Jews!Jews!Jews! A Chanukkah Extravaganzukkah!

Hold onto your labia menorahs! Jews! Jews! Jews! is BACK for it’s 4th Annual Hannukkah Extravaganzukkah!

Your favourite Latke Ladies, Lolita Va Voom and Nana Schewitz, present eight nights worth of of drag, burlesque, live music, and cabaret! Since 2018, Jews! Jews! Jews! has been your source for all things chutzpah and mishegas, and this year, we’re burning the candles WAY brighter. From Jewish strippers to menorah bongs, anything goes at the Extravaganzukkah. We’ve got a Jewish star-studded night in store that will leave you feeling anything but gelt-y.

EVERYONE WELCOME: Folks of all backgrounds and faiths (or lack thereof) are invited to join! Gentiles, Jews, golems, and grandma’s; you’re all invited! (leave your dybbuks at home).

FEATURING: Lolita Va Voom, Nana Schewitz, Betty Q, Jade Lee, Judy LaDavina, Vivi Sugar, Shtetl Berlin, and an extra special surprise fruity guest!