Achtung: Vom Quasimodo in die Baumhausbar verlegt!

Spirit Family Reunion

Mo Di Mi Do Fr Sa So
24. August 2017
Beginn: 22:00
Einlass: 20:00
Vorverkauf: ab 12,00€ (zzgl. Gebühr)
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Spirit Family Reunion

Das Konzert der Spirit Family Reunion wird vom Quasimodo in die Baumhaus Bar verlegt. Die Band spielt dort ein akustisches Konzert mit freiem Eintritt beziehungsweise gegen eine kleine Spende. Bereits gekaufte Karten können dort zurückgegeben werden, wo sie gekauft wurden.

Their debut European tour in 2016 led them to Tønder Festival, Open House Festivaland Misty Fields amongst many others. Straight after this first tour Tønder Festival already contracted them for this year and thus a seed was planted for a 2017 tour. Today we’re happy to share the first bunch of August/September tourdates including the new Sthlm Americana festival and an appearance at London’s Bush Hall.

In April the Ashton Brothers transform the monumental Slot Zeist to their own Ashtonia. Think about a traveling circus from the 1930s.. clowns, fire-eaters, acrobats, musicians and trapeze acts. Very exiting to share with you that Spirit Family Reunion will be the houseband of Ashtonia!

The band has self-produced and self-released two full-lenght studio album (2012′s No Separation and 2015′s Hands Together) along with multiple songbooks and other collections of recordings. They are currently working on a new record.