The Molochs (Innovative Leisure / USA)

+ The What... For!

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07. Juni 2017
Beginn: 22:00
Einlass: 20:00
Tageskasse: 10,00€

The Molochs (Innovative Leisure / USA)

The David Watts Foundation presents:

It’s not a surprise to see the Molochs are on the same label that brought the world the Allah-Las. Like their fellow Los Angelenos, the Molochs are in thrall to that point in the mid-60s where beat groups, garage bands and psychedelic outfits began to merge into each other. There’s a drowsiness about their music – they tend towards the mid-tempo, Lucas Fitzsimons drawls his vocals, and the guitars jangle more than growl – that means they don’t quite tip over into Pebbles/Nuggets territory. Which means they can’t just get by on sneers and snarls; they need melodies, too. And when they hit the sweet spot, they’re a treat: Charlie’s Lips, powered by none-more-Shindig! organ, is terrific; The One I Love sounds like a lost demo from the Leaves; No More Cryin’ ups the energy, crossing over into early Stones-styled R&B. Genre fans will love it – it’s the perfect soundtrack to pulling on your Chelsea boots and black crew-neck sweater.

The What…For!

There is a timeless appeal for „white“ teenage R&B music, especially in Europe. The What…For! displays all that’s great about such stylings, as they bash out harmonica and fuzz-driven boozers. Bands that seem to passionately enjoy their music rate very highly, and The What…For! are certainly one of those groups. Stroll on!

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