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The Raul Midón Trio


Donnerstag, 25. Mai 2017 22:00 (Einlass: 20:00)
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Singer-songwriter and guitarist Raul Midón has earned renown as one of music’s most distinctive and searching voices. He is „a one-man band who turns a guitar into an orchestra and his voice into a chorus,“ according to The New York Times. Midón has collaborated with such heroes as Herbie Hancock and Stevie Wonder, along with contributing to recordings by Jason Mraz, Queen Latifah and Snoop Dogg and the soundtrack to Spike Lee’s She Hate Me.
The New Mexico native, blind since birth, has released eight albums since 1999, including the acclaimed studio productions Don’t Hesitate (Mack Avenue, 2014), Synthesis (Decca/Universal, 2009), A World Within a World (Manhattan/EMI, 2007) and State of Mind (Manhattan/EMI, 2005). Midón’s questing musicality makes him, as the Huffington Post put it, “a free man beyond category.” Attesting to his enduring ambitions is Midón’s ninth studio album, Bad Ass and Blind, due for release via Mack Avenue/Artistry Records  in spring 2017.
Attuned listeners can always hear the inspirations of Donny Hathaway and Richie Havens in his work, as well as Sting and Paul Simon. But Midón’s questing musicality makes him, as the Huffington Post put it, „a free man beyond category.“

Midón’s upcoming Bad Ass and Blind album finds the artist expanding his range compositionally, tapping into the linear modal harmony explored by such jazz composers as Miles Davis and Wayne Shorter. Produced in summer 2016 in NY with Gerald Clayton & Nicolas Payton & Jean Philippe Rykiel as guests, drums by Lionel Cordew and Gregory Hutchingson, on bass with Joe Sanders & Richard Hammond (& Raul) and Federico Pena on piano, Studio works by Grammy Award Winning Engineer Michael O’Reilly and Grammy Award Winning Mastering Alan Silverman. This is an album full of „stunning Jazz, R&B and folk infused music“ and includes a lovey version of Steve Millers” Fly like an Eagle” – but of course in Rauls very special way of singing and interpretation.

Raul Midón will be touring with his new established The Raul Midón Trio, featuring drums and bass along with him being a one-man band.