Diese Veranstaltung ist leider schon vorbei!

War Pigs On Acid


Samstag, 19. Mai 2018 22:30 (Einlass: 21:00)
VVK: ab 12,00€ (zzgl. Gebühr) Tageskasse: 15,00€ Tickets kaufen
Live: The Big Cheese

WAR PIGS ON ACID – 70s Rock & Hard Rock Party

Live on stage:


+++ A Tribute To Rock And Hard Rock Of The 70s +++

The Big Cheese are a tribute band on a mission to perform all the great Rock and Hard Rock Classics of the 70s in their own interpretations. Brain damaging, screaming, louder than everything else. With love and respect for the originals. The Big Cheese are from Berlin.


Torsten Groß – Vox

Daryal Janket – Guitar

Henning Menke – Bass

Tilo Hustan – Drums

Plus Aftershowparty


Einlass ab 18 Jahren