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WorldService Project


Freitag, 02. November 2018 22:30 (Einlass: 21:00)
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The British WorldService Project takes over Jazzfest’s club-branch: loud and noisy, pogo-jumping, punky and glittering, flying high and taking a dive. There’s fun and humour, a great every which way maneuvering and escapes through unexpected middle ranges. So, no fretwork or soothing sounds to match November’s sombre mood. And there’s honest to goodness circus, too, with Mr Giggles the clown and rattling crash-boom-bang music. There are hints of Mike Patton as the WSP-crew ploughs screaming through todays Europe in EnglishFrenchItalianGerman. Unending surprises, even after a decade of successful band-history and a tour of more than 40 concerts in the US, their ideas never fail to bubble. Depending on your own musical history, you might hear a wide range of echoes: Frank Zappa, yes, Ian Dury, sure, The Small Faces, The Ex etc. WSP are none of these and neither are they all of them together, but rather the time they couldn’t catch up with