We look forward to welcoming you at Quasimodo. If you have any questions, please have a look at our FAQs and do not hesitate to contact us any time.

Is there a cloakroom at Quasimodo?

Yes, a cloakroom is available. It is located right at the entrance area, behind the cashier. We charge 2 Euros per piece.

How long will the concert be?

The length of the concert depends on the performing artists. On average, concerts last a maximum of 1.5 hours.

Is it possible to make a reservation for a specific seat?

Unfortunately, this is not possible.

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

No. We can only make exceptions for guests who have to carry their own food and drinks for medical reasons. In this case, we need an official medical statement.

Can I smoke inside Quasimodo?

No. Smoking inside our venue is strictly forbidden. This includes the smoking of e-cigarettes.

When should I arrive at Quasimodo? What happens if I am late?

Entrance and start times for each event will be provided to attendees. It is best to get here early. We recommend planning enough time to find a parking spot, walk to Quasimodo, and go through our security check. Keep in mind that entrance and start times may change at the last minute and that this could happen on the day of the event. Late entrance will only be allowed during certain time slots and cannot be guaranteed.

Which objects am I not allowed to bring to the event?

You may not bring
– Weapons of any kind
– Gas spray bottles, corrosive or coloring substances or pressure vessels for flammable, or harmful gases, except commercial pocket lighters
– Glass bottles and containers
– Notebooks, tablets, tripods, selfie sticks, audio and video recorders, cameras, GoPro cameras, laser pointers, whistles, or studded belts
– Drugs
– Clothing, emblems, writings, posters, and other objects which indicate racist, xenophobic, right-wing or radical left affiliation or serve as a propaganda material, or featuring emblems or slogans etc. of which public display is prohibited
– Pyrotechnic articles of all kinds, including sparklers
– Strollers / pushchairs
– Bulky and dangerous objects of any kind; e.g. sticks (except for people with walking difficulties), folding chairs, umbrellas (except tots), flags or transparent rods
– Objects made of fragile or materials prone to splintering
– Large quantities of paper, wallpaper rolls, confetti etc.
– Mechanically, electrically or otherwise (e.g. pneumatically operated) noisy implements (e.g., megaphone, gas pressure fanfares, vuvuzelas)

Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets are available at all sales points and online at dodotickets.de, eventim.de and ticketmaster.de. You can find links to these booking sites on our website.

Sold out events

If an event is marked as sold out, tickets will not be sold at the box office. We strongly advise against buying tickets online from other sources other than dodotickets.de, eventim.de and ticketmaster.de. You may pay a very high price, while the authenticity of the ticket may not be guaranteed. If the ticket is counterfeit, you will not be granted entrance.

My event was canceled; what should I do?

You can return your tickets to canceled events. Please contact the seller.

My event was rescheduled to another date. Are my tickets still valid?

In most cases, your tickets stay valid for the new date. If you cannot make the new date, you may return the tickets.

Can I reserve tickets instead of buying them?

No; this is not possible.

How can I unsubscribe from the Quasimodo newsletter?

At the end of each newsletter, you will find a section which states ‘abmelden’.